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My first Professional TV PUB

Karting Paintball Thetford wanted to expand their marketing to a broader audience thru broadcast television. Here is an overview of the process I did to make my first professional publicity.

Final Version

Louis, the owner, knows me well from my previous Karting career, recognize my knowledge of the place and knows what I have been producing for the Karting Club in the past.

The Mission

I started by asking Louis a few questions about the mission of the publicity. Who is this targeted to, witch region will this be broadcast and what do they want to sell?

The Competition

We looked at some publicity from similar business. We exchanged ideas on the kind of feel we liked, the emotions we wanted to show, the tempo, the music and with or without voice over. Canada's Wonderland had a good concept that we chose for a starting point.

Canada's Wonderland Pub

Our Concept

30 sec of summer, showcasing the size of the venue and the 5 fun activities you can do at KPTM. To make our job easier, I made a Power Point plan with a scenario capturing our goal step by step.

Power Point Plan Sample

Music and Scenario

On one of my favorite royalty music site I fond music that met our vision. I then met with Éric, the GM to discuss more deeply about key elements he wanted to show specifically. I had my phone and took pictures of some of the features. I made a mock up YouTube scenario, so we could agree on starting the production.

First Scenario Video (extreme draft)


Now that we had a vision, we had to execute. Éric organized a group of local actors/family and we shot every plan based on the PPP to do list. Everything we shot was in 4K then resized in HD with TVA professional TV standards. Click here to see it on a 4K display

Shooting days

Editing and Mastering

The main part was shot in one morning while the drone sunrise opening took two 4h30 am onsite filming. I started to edit then and things went relatively fast from there. I finally sent a final draft to Louis. After consulting his surrounding, Louis decided to add a voice over. At first, I was skeptical, but knowing that we were going to hire a professional to do it, I became confident that this would work.

Final Draft before voice over

At the end, I am very pleased with the end result. We are showcasing the 5 activities we wanted to do, with great emotions, colors and a summer feel. The clients are talking about the ad witch is great.

The Outcome

Capture an audience to GO, and experience the adrenaline that KPTM can offer.

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