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Pierre Ruel
Founder and Visionnaire

Leading the Alpine Skiing Coaching Education system in Canada and coaching ski racing full time at all levels has been part of my life for more than 30 years. Aligned with my coaching passion, marketing, mobile app design and video editing production has been complimenting my skill set since my formative years. My competencies are fully supported by my experiences, maturity and motivation to be better every day. My track record has shown that I have abilities to bring science in practice, outside of the box thinking and innovative training ideas that focus on clear measurable outcomes.

Lately, I have worked as a Human Performance Specialist and coach at Cirque du Soleil shows Volta, La Nouba, Helene Fischer Arena Tour, Hommage aux Colocs, Cirque du Soleil at Sea on the Mediterranean and lately in Malta. I also involve in producing marketing campaign an education video for

This is a good reason you can count on me to help you reach your next level.

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