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Human Performance

Private Coaching

One on one coaching is definitively the best way to get you to the next level. If you need to improve your motor, affective or cognitive skills, I will help you in improving these skills in a way that you can transfer them into your competitive context.

Teams and Camps
Getting the edge on your opponent requires deep analysis and planning. I can offer you outside of the box camps that will improve every individual without averaging to the weakest skill level in the group. Everybody will get to fulfill their own gap.
Grandiosa TEAM 2019
Human Performance Specialist

Ensure sustainability of performance by following Cirque du Soleil procedures. Mentor, monitor, educate and support artists, coaches, production and creative team members workload and well-being. Ensure delivery of paper tracing documentation that includes KPIs and safety protocols. 


If you haven’t been in a race car, you haven’t lived yet! For personal driving skills, for a team building or training, I can offer you time on a track that will put you out your comfort zone. I am a two-time karting champion and two-time runner in the Rotax DD2 class for the Championnat des Appalaches. An experience that you will never forget.

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