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Tactical Training

The Para Alpine ski team just completed a fantastic day at Karting Paintball, Thetford. Under the coaching of PCA driver Matt Distefano and kart driver Pierre Ruel, both CSCF master facilitators, athletes and coaches when through different situations to understand speed, technique, line, tactics and coaching concepts to learn to go FASTER. 

Training Camp

CSCF-FESC Development Level Super Camp.
Top DL facilitators just received in depth training on the key elements of the Coaching and Learning module in a different context than skiing.
DL concepts that we talked about were: the starting point, the 3 dimensions of learning, the athlete- centered approach, measuring success, external cues of attention, creating thinkers and the use of variable types of feedback.  Positioning facilitators in the ''candidate's frame of mind attending a course'' they were opened to a whole new context.

Team Building

​Team building is essential to create a momentum towards your vision. Whatever your team needs to learn new things, form stronger relationships or just have fun, motorsports is a very good way to influence this. With my Karting experience, I can provide you with a template that will for sure move your group to the performance level you desire.

Intro to Motosports

​Click here, this is where I introduce Denis Leclerc from Rossignol Canada, JS Labrie from PARA Alpine Canada and Will Beaulieu, Head Coach at Mt-Ste-Anne.

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