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Professional Development

Coaching Education 

Outsmarting your competitors is a very effective way to perform better. I have been delivering coaching education for more than 20 years. Whether your coaches need training, certification courses or evaluations in the field, I can provide these services from Entry Level to High Performance. 

Leader Training
Clear leadership is essential to reach your mission statement. If you need help in communicating your vision, defining the strategy and the measure of success, I can help you. Developing your core competencies and your leadership styles is my specialty. We can do it right inside your practical context.
Ski Tuning Clinic

In order to perform in ski racing, you will need to invest a lot of time and money. If you want this investment to succeed, you will absolutely need to know how to make your skis effective. I can provide you or your club state of the art tuning clinics and Sidecut product information.

Public Presentation

​As a leader, selling a concept to your stakeholders is an important task. There are a few deadly sins that you must avoid in public speaking or in front of your board. Whatever the size of the venue you need to convince, my experiences can help you in making an effective sales pitch with integrity and clarity.

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