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PRuelPro: A 6 months update! Learning to blog!

Well I started my project in September and so far, it has exceeded my expectations. My company is a consulting company that offer 3 main solutions; Coaching, Leading and Technology support. With these competencies, I have been helping more than 15 organisations in all aspects since.

In coaching, I have been involve in private and with Mt-Grands Fonds, Prince Edward and New Brunswick Provinces in various innovating training camps. I have learn that I still have the passion and coaching is a fantastic intrinsic motivator to push others and yourself.

In developing leaders, I have basically continued what I have done for the past 20 years with the same philosophy, develop thinkers, not clones. I have conduct coach professional development sessions with Wentworth Ski Club, PEI Alpine, NB Alpine, Mt-Grand Fonds and Mt-Apic. My major involvement was with Alpine Ontario witch has been a catalyst for moving coaches to the next level. I was hire to be a coach mentor and elevator for the province. I have travel to Tremblant, Searchmont, Camp Fortune and Craigleith to conduct more that 10 Development Level and 1 full Performance Level evaluations. This has been fantastic and kudos to AOA for going beyond the status quo.

My technology skills have been use more than I expected. I have been designing web site for the Collingwood Hospital and editing 4K video for ED Design. One of my favorite job was capturing images of a brain tumor removal when the patient was awake. This was done in collaboration of the Fondation du CHUS in Sherbrooke and the images will be use in a exposition on the Brain at le Musée de la Civilisation this summer in Quebec City.

Finally, my collaboration with Chris Hillier and Sidecut has been very refreshing. You can see all my work on Sidecut YouTube and Sidecut website where we have produce more than 25 videos that explaining all our tools. I also learn to run the social medias and marketing campaigns for Sidecut. I have conduct many ski tuning workshop around the eastern part of Canada and learn to be a salesman. That was cool to use 30 years of tuning and coaching experience to help parents in supporting their kids in the reach of their full potential.

Beening away for the craziness of traveling, producing, performing, presenting, organizing, selling, validating, visioning, inspiring, guiding.... has been a bless. I have learn about where I am and where I want to go. Certainly I feel more fresh, calm and more grounded.

What’s next, well I have a few interesting projects inline in the short turn. I am quite surprise that has per today, I am already solicited for next year.

But one think is sure, I am in a position to chose. I will make the next BIG project something that passionnate me, inspire me, with people of values and that want to go further with a grown mindset.


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